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Hi. This is Nancy, in Oklahoma, from “A Scroll In The Garden”, also known as “Garden Scroll”, welcoming you to the website!


When I lost my job due to downsizing at age sixty one, I wanted to do something I was interested in and that could help or inspire others. Thanks to my niece, Stacey, for her graduation movie showing me what could be done, and to my daughter, Amanda, for showing me how, I found that I, along with the help of God, have a knack for telling a story on imovie!


I went to classes on line and started a business. I had already had a bit of my garden started so it provided the pictures for my first dvd. It is for sale here on the website. I purchased the copyrights for the songs on the dvd and told the story, dedicating it to Stacey, who was killed by her boyfriend.  


I want to see where God will take it—and me!  Gardening is a great way to be in and experience nature. Garden Scroll can take you there even if you can’t get outside, and / or inspire you to enjoy your own gardens. Come join me!


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